We believe that rigorous care planning with you and your family is the first step to achieving excellent care. A senior member of our care management team will be responsible for designing a personal care plan. We will meet with you before your care commences and will encourage you to have your family member or supporter present during all of our care planning meetings.

Stage1  Free Care Consultation 

We will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with you. During this meeting we will get to know you and your requirements and talk to you about the solutions we could provide.

Stage 2  Agreeing Your Care Plan

Should you decide that we are the right care agency for you we would arrange a second

meeting in order to have a more detailed discussion about your requirements. During this meeting we will complete a care planning document which will enable us to formulate a comprehensive care plan.

Stage 3 – Creating your Care Plan

Information provided by you at our meetings will be used by the care manager to create your personalised care plan. We will arrange a further meeting to discuss the care plan we have designed and confirm that we have fully understood the care you require. Any changes you require to the care plan will be made at this stage.

Stage 4 – Your Care Commences 

Only when you are completely satisfied with the care plan will we arrange a time for your care to commence and we will introduce you to your care team.

Stage 5  Reviewing Your Care

We understand that your care needs may change therefore we will conduct a review of the services we provide. This will be done regularly to suit your changing needs and ensure that you are satisfied with the level and quality of our support.
Continuity of care  

We assign each client regular carers. This continuity provides stability, allowing you and your carer to get to know each other and created stable, trusted and happier home environment.

If you would like to discuss your care needs or have any questions regarding the service we provide,

please contact us on 02476 231188